Transform UAS Flight Operations

Reimagine your UAS program and simplify flight approval processes through vAIRify. Michael Baker’s SaaS solution acts as a one-stop-shop for pilots and program managers to oversee UAS projects and approvals.

Streamline Your UAS Program

VAIRify Enables Our Clients To

Oversee Your Entire Program

vAIRify’s user-friendly interface integrates GIS modules and custom dashboards to help users track progress and manage projects effectively.

Mitigate Risk

Ensure the safe approval and execution of flight plans in alignment with FAA regulations. View key details like certifications and flight hazards for informed decision-making.

Standardize Documentation

Stay organized through the creation of uniform flight submissions, documentation and approvals. Access this information for future use from vAIRify’s dashboard.

Create A System Of Record

Enable the use of authoritative data to track progress over time. vAIRify captures and stores all historical flight information for your organization.

Key Features

Compile UAS flight processes and procedures into a single interface through vAIRify. Our solution is purpose-built to provide users with powerful insights to reduce risk and facilitate informed decision making.

Simplified Approval Process

Track Flight Status

Track FAA Compliance Reports

Certification Status

In-Depth Program Oversight

Cloud-Native SaaS Solution

GIS-Enabled Dashboard

vAIRify Supports Robust UAS Programs For Our Clients In

State Government

Local Government

Department Of Transportation

Optimize Flight Planning in Alignment With FAA Regulations

vAIRify is the latest Software-as-a-Service innovation from Michael Baker International’s Aerial Technologies group.

Create flight plans, oversee UAS programs, track flights and much more through vAIRify’s cloud-native interface. Reduce pain points associated with flight authorizations and get in the air faster with vAIRify’s expedited approval process.

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