Client-Focused Solutions

Our offerings are purpose-built to deliver innovative solutions and enable a seamless transition to modern technologies for organizations of all sizes. The Digital Solutions team supports the entire product life cycle, from design and development to updates and ongoing maintenance.

Federal Agencies

Federal agencies require secure, scalable and adaptable processes to replace paper-driven, manual protocols. Michael Baker’s Digital Solutions team can help federal agencies save time, money and provide valuable insights for the entire organization, ensuring optimal performance for years to come.

State & Regional Agencies

State and regional agencies require consistent, scalable deployment models to help unify outputs for the jurisdictions they serve. Our solutions can create clarity and provide valuable insight for these organizations to enable informed decision-making and data empowerment.

Local Agencies

Local agencies require solutions that act as workforce multipliers and create efficiencies throughout the organization. Our solutions can help these clients save time and money while simultaneously providing added value through best-in-class digital offerings.