What We Do

Michael Baker provides innovative and sustainable information technology solutions to public and private sector clients through strategic planning, focused production methodologies, quality control and collaborative partnerships. Our team of experts addresses the entire software development life cycle, supporting everything from conceptual planning through deployment and beyond.

Our Process

Each application leverages a unique combination of programming languages, tools and frameworks to create web and mobile applications (also known as the technology stack). When choosing a technology stack, our software architects consider client needs, maintenance, scalability and security requirements to deliver professional products to customers.

Our team follows the Agile development life cycle for software development projects. The primary building blocks of the Agile life cycle are called iterations. Each iteration includes planning, design, development, testing (quality assurance), deployment and review, enabling maximum flexibility in responding to requirement changes as the project evolves. 

Meet the Digital Solutions Team

We have more than twenty years of experience in the successful implementation of broadband projects. Our 993 professional engineers (PE), 74 certified planners (AICP), 64 project management professionals (PMP), 43 certified public land surveyors, and 29 geographic information systems professionals (GISP) continually coordinate with our Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDD) and Professional Scrum Product Owners (PSPO) to develop custom broadband solutions to guide your program.